Matric learners with less than 500 demerits qualify for certain privileges. A matric learner who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct and who is not exemplary at all times, will face a disciplinary hearing with the RCL to discuss the revoking of such privileges.

Privileges to exemplary matric learners with less than 500 demerits include the following:

  • Attending Compulsory Study Session From 14h00 – 15h00 Mondays To Fridays
  • Wearing A Special Matric Jacket
  • Sitting On The Gallery For Assemblies
  • Participating In Sport On The Condition That An Aggregate Of 55% And Above Has Been Achieved For The Grade 11 Year As Well As For The Term Prior To The Sport Participating In
  • Attending A Final Assembly For Matric Learners
  • Attending A Matric Farewell Organised By The School
  • Growing Hair And Nails (Girls) And Hair And Beard (Boys) One Month Before The Matric Farewell
  • Receiving A Testimonial Which States More Than Only Attendance At Sunward Park High School