Merit points can be awarded by any one of the following by means of an application made by a particular learner once a Term:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principals
  • HOD
  • Educator
  • Risk/Discipline Manger
  • Block Controller
  • Approved member of the RCL

Learners will have to apply for any merit points at the end of each term and this will be done in writing on the prescribed application form.

It remains the responsibility of the learner to obtain the applicable points for “good deeds” done in writing from the relevant educator.

It is the responsibility of the relevant Register Educator to capture and confirm the relevant merits per term.

The total merits accumulated at the end of each term would be calculated at the end of the last term when acknowledgement of the total meritable behaviour will be awarded at the final Prize Giving evening.

Merits achieved from the previous year are not accumulated as recognition for merits would have been granted at the end of that year.

Top Ten Awards and Cumlaude

The minimum requirement for being eligible for Top Ten Award and Cum Laude is an average/aggregate of:

  • Grade 8 - 75 % average
  • Grade 9 - 75 % average
  • Grade 10 - 70 % average
  • Grade 11 - 70 % average
  • Grade 12 - 70 % average


In order to obtain academic, sporting or cultural colours, a learner needs meet the following primary requirements:

  • Show good sportsmanship in school activities/exemplary behaviour in class<

  • Show a spirit of co-operation with team members, coaches, organisers, educators, management, administration staff, ground staff and security staff

  • Be a credit to the school on and off the field

  • Have no more than 500 demerits and should not have been found guilty by the school’s Disciplinary Committee.

  • A learner is required to apply for his/her achievements in the relevant sport or cultural code and attach a copy of his/her most recent demerit /merit report

Honours Blazer

  • This is the highest award that can be achieved at Sunward Park High School.

  • To be eligible a learner must achieve TWO Full Colour Awards and ONE HALF COLOUR award or three Full Colours Awards.

  • One of the Full Colour Awards must be for ACADEMICS.

  • Full and Half colour awards that qualify a learner for a first Honour's Blazer cannot be used again to qualify a learner for a subsequent blazer.