Demerit points may be issued by any one of the following during a school term:
  • Principal
  • Deputy Principals
  • HOD
  • Educator
  • Risk/Discipline Manager
  • Block Controller
  • Approved member of the RCL  


    LEVEL A (10 demerits)

    1 Reply slips not returned
    2 Homework not done
    3 Books not at school
    4 Copying homework
    5 Eating/chewing in class

    LEVEL B (20 demerits)

    1 Late for class
    2 Late for school
    3 No timetable
    4 Use of abusive language
    5 Sleeping / Resting in class
    6 Bringing tablet to school uncharged
    7 Playing/listening music on tablet/mobile during school hours
    8 Using tablets in class for purposes other than class work
    9 Littering

    LEVEL C (30 demerits)

    1 Uniform offence
    2 Temper outburst
    3 Cheeky/ill-mannered
    4 Refusal to carry out instructions
    5 Challenges Block Controller / Councillor
    6 Failure to adhere to directional travel instructions

    LEVEL D (40 demerits)

    1 Disruption of lesson
    2 Bullying
    3 Cyber bullying
    4 Defiance
    5 Intimidation
    6 Gross insubordination
    7 Bunking class
    8 Bunking subs
    9 Untoward physical contact

    LEVEL E (50 demerits)

    1 Arrogance towards educator
    2 Disrespect towards educator
    3 Smoking
    4 In the presence of smokers
    5 Racial insults
    6 Bunking school / work class
    7 Tablet not at school
    8 Challenges educator
    9 Using cell phone during school hours
    10 Using tablet to phone/send messages during school hours
    11 Possession of cigarettes
    12 Misuse of school equipment

    LEVEL F (70 demerits)

    1 Engages in any form of public indecency
    2 Fighting or instigating a fight
    3 Negative group activity
    4 Cheat in tests and examinations / portfolio
    5 In position of any pornographic material
    6 Distributes any pornographic material
    7 Seriously disrupts teaching or learning in the class
    8 Seriously threatens teaching or learning in the class
    9 Seriously frustrates teaching or learning in the class
    10 Being untruthful or dishonest
    11 Harassment
    12 Non submission of portfolios

    LEVEL G (100 demerits)

    1 Assault
    2 Engages in conspiracy to disrupt the proper functioning of the school through collective action
    3 Fails to comply with punishment of suspension as a correctional measure
    4 In possession of or use of dangerous weapons
    5 In possession of illegal substances
    6 Under the influence of illegal substances
    7 Being in the company of dagga smokers
    8 Distribution of illegal substances
    9 Swears at educator
    10 Trades in any test or examination material
    11 Selling or distributing commercial and/or other products on the school premises
    12 Illegal buying of commercial and/or other products on the school premises
    13 Under the influence of alcohol
    14 In possession of alcohol
    15 Vandalism/ Maliciously damage to property
    16 Fighting or instigating a fight with serious consequences
    17 Intimidation

    LEVEL H (150 demerits)

    1 Holds any person hostage
    2 Murders any person
    3 Rapes any person
    4 Engages in any sexual activity which amounts to an offence according to law
    5 Stealing / Theft
    6 Involved with theft
    7 In possession of stolen goods
    8 Gambling
    9 Sexual harassment
    10 Urinating in public
    11 Fraud
    12 Common robbery
    13 Any other criminal activity and/or behaviour

  • A Learner Who Has Accumulated More Than 500 Demerits Will Be Called To A Disciplinary Counselling Session With His/Her Parents To Discuss The Learner’s Behaviour