As a learner of Sunward Park High School you undertake to:

·      Adhere to all school rules.

·      Respect the dignity and rights of the staff, show respect to staff and fellow learners as well as all other members of the community.

·      Take responsibility for my actions, both good and bad.

·      Use every opportunity to learn, and give those around me the same opportunity.

·      In no way do or say anything that will discriminate against or intimidate any person.

·      Be loyal to my school.

·      Look neat and respectable at all times.

·      Strive for the highest standard morally, academically, culturally and on the sports field.

·      Provide register teachers with correct cell phone numbers to be able to contact parents.

·     Be able to produce a timetable on request.


An educator of Sunward Park High School undertakes to:

·        Set and maintain academic standards at all times.

·        Keep parents/guardians informed of their child’s welfare and academic performance.

·        Dress and behave in a professional manner at all times.

·        Respect the dignity, beliefs and rights of the learners, their parents, other staff and the community.

·        Acknowledge the individuality and specific needs of each learner and encourage each one to reach his/her potential.

·        Collect personal information from the learners including cell phone numbers.

·      Perform all duties diligently as allocated by the school management team SMT).



As parent/guardian of a learner at Sunward Park High School you undertake to:

·        Protect and ensure the rights of the learner to learn, and ensure that the learner respects both the educators and fellow learners.

·        Support educators in the execution of their duties and respect their dignity at all times.

·        See that the learner attends school each day, is punctual and in the case of any absence, provide a letter or a doctor’s note.

·        Ensure that the learner conforms to generally accepted norms of personal health, cleanliness and neatness.

·        Provide the learner with the resources and basic equipment such as text books, exercise books, a calculator and writing equipment, learning materials and other requirements to complete the curricula.

·        Ensure that tasks and homework is completed and controlled on a daily basis.

·        Facilitate a study programme that is conducive to learning.

·        Bring to the attention of the Principal any problem, condition or circumstance which could affect the learner and/or any fellow learner or other party within our school community.

·        Ensure that the learner abides by the school’s Code of Conduct and also by any regulations promulgated by the School Governing Body

·        Address the best educational interests of the learner by becoming actively involved in the affairs of the school and by regularly supporting the activities of the school.

·        Ensure that I/we receive regular academic reports from the school every term and that such reports are discussed with the learner and, where deemed necessary, the educators.

·        Ensure that the school is kept up to date with personal data i.e. home, work and cell telephone numbers, as well as physical, postal and e-mail addresses etc. of parents/guardians and learners. 

NB!  Educators need the most up-to-date cell phone numbers to be able to communicate with parents.

·        Pay school fees in accordance with the fee structure and method of payment agreed upon by the parents at the Annual General Meeting.

·        Ensure that the learner knows what unacceptable behaviour is e.g. will not      backchat,  swear at or in any way abuse a member of staff or a fellow learner, will not urinate in public.                       


As the Senior Management Team and Governing Body of Sunward Park High School we undertake to:

·        Ensure that no teacher or learner shall be molested.

·        Ensure that the school environment is free of drugs, alcohol, gambling, weapons, tobacco, dangerous objects, strangers, violence and bullying.

·        Put activities in place that will boost the learners’ confidence, self-esteem, ethics and values.

·        Instil in learners politeness, good manners, courtesy, kindness, helpfulness and friendliness.

·        Ensure that learners will respect people, property, animals and the environment.

·        Encourage learners to participate in activities offered at the school.

·        Ensure that the dignity of all is respected.

·        Acknowledge good behaviour and achievements in the community.

·        Encourage learners, educators and parents to take pride in the school and not to do anything that will tarnish the image of the school.

.     Ensure that the school environment is conducive to producing academic excellence.


Learners will at all times, whether in or out of school uniform, conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to Sunward Park High School.



Learners may not be on school property outside of school hours unless they

·        are accompanied by an educator

·        have written permission from the Principal

·        are waiting for transport.


Unless there are official events, the following areas are out of bounds to learners:

·        the hall

·        the foyer

·        the staffroom

·        the area behind the perimeter of the school buildings

·        the bicycle shed area

·        the upper balconies during breaks and before school begins

·        the area between A and C blocks

·        the staff parking area and

·        the fields outside of the interior palisade fencing.


Visitors are not allowed on school property without the permission of the Principal and all visitors shall on request complete an access register as used by school security and wear a visitors tag.


Nobody is allowed to be near the perimeter fences or to communicate with anybody outside the school perimeter during school hours.

No form of vandalism to the property of staff or learners, or to the school will be tolerated.

Misuse of, and damage to the school or to staff and learners’ property, is unacceptable and shall be regarded as a disciplinary and/or criminal offence. Offenders may be liable to appear before the school disciplinary committee and may be subject to the due process of the courts.

School property may not be removed from the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

School premises and classes must be kept neat, clean and litter free. Litter must be put in the bins provided. 

No learner may park or drive a vehicle on the school premises without the necessary driver’s licence/learner’s licence and the permission from the Principal.

If a learner enters the school grounds, whether during school hours or after school hours, he/she must be dressed in full school uniform.

SPHS is a gun-free zone school and no fire arms will be allowed on the premises.  There is a fire arm safe on the premises used for safekeeping of fire arms.


All possessions (e.g. blazers, articles of clothing, school books, calculators and sports equipment) must be clearly marked with the learner’s name.

Money and valuables should on no account be left in the pockets of blazers that are not being worn, in school bags or in the classrooms.  The school cannot be held responsible for any losses.

Learners may lodge money or valuables with the secretary for safekeeping and collect them after school.

The school cannot be held responsible for the possible loss of cell phones that are brought to school.   

Cell phones may not be used at school during normal school hours and cell phones in possession of learners will be confiscated by the school for a period not longer than six months. Confiscated cell phones will be released at the end of Term 2 and the end of Term 4.

No selling of goods by the learners is allowed at school. Offenders will have their goods and money confiscated.

Letters of schooling requested by parents or learners – 48 hours (2 working days) notice must be given.



Bicycles are to be kept in the school bicycle shed and are to be chained up.

Motor cycles and motor vehicles must be parked in the students parking area on the eastern side of the school. 

Parking permits for motor cycles and motor vehicles MUST be obtained from the administration office.  A valid driver’s licence must be produced.

A parking permit will not be issued to a learner who only has a learner’s licence.

The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to bicycles, motor cycles or motor vehicles.

Matric learners parking vehicles in the street during exams do so at their own risk.

Bicycles and motor cycles may not be ridden on any area of the school grounds besides the stipulated parking area and bicycle shed area.

Parking on the school grounds is a privilege and can be revoked if a learner does not abide by the school code of conduct at all times.


All learners are expected to arrive at school before 07:45 for assembly/register class each morning and be punctual at all times.

Learners who are late will not be allowed to disrupt the first period. The school gates will be locked at 07:50.

Late coming is unacceptable and will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct.

The repetition of the offence will result in the learner appearing before the school disciplinary committee.

The Principal’s permission is required before a learner may leave the school premises during school hours.

Learners leaving the school premises during school hours may only be fetched by a parent or a legal guardian.

Permission to leave the school must be requested by parents, in writing, 24 hours in advance.



All learners must have notes explaining their absence on return to school after illness.

A doctor’s note is required for an absence of three or more days during normal school time.

A doctor’s certificate is necessary during test and examination time for any period of absence

If a doctor’s note is not forthcoming for absence on a cycle test day or for an examination, 0 % will be awarded.

Should a learner be absent for two or more days, the school should be informed by telephone of the cause. This enables strict control to be kept over truancy.

The onus rests on the learner to catch up work lost during absence. 

If a learner fails to write a test because of absence, it will be expected of him/her to write this test in the first period he/she attends that specific subject.

It is the responsibility of the register educators to SMS parents when their children are absent for registration.


Every learner is expected to:

Be Punctual:

Arrive at class on time so that you are ready to start the lesson. Lateness is inconsiderate because it disrupts the efforts of both your educator and your fellow learners.

Take out what you need for your lesson as soon as you get to your desk or table. Do not wait to be told to do so. This shows that you are mature, responsible and self-motivated.

Be Prepared:

Bring what is needed to the lesson (tablets that are charged, stationery and writing implements you need), your completed homework and, most importantly, be ready to learn and contribute to the lesson.

Be Respectful:

Stand when an adult enters the room. You do this to show respect for the adult concerned. Wait for either your educator or the adult concerned to ask you to sit.

Greet your educator at the start and end of each lesson.

Respect your educator and your peers by not talking when your educator is talking. If you want to contribute, raise your hand and wait for your educator to invite you to contribute. Listen to your peers during classroom discussion, and wait your turn to make your contribution.

Do not pack away your tablets until the educator has indicated that the lesson is over. This disrupts the lesson and is inconsiderate to your peers and your educator.

Respect the property of others and of the school. Do not deface desks, steal drawing pins, mess with chalk, or borrow things without permission.

Keep your classroom neat and clean. Put litter in the litter bin, not in the desk or on the floor. No one likes to work in a dirty or untidy environment.

Be Responsible:

Take responsibility firstly for yourself and for your own behaviour.

Encourage your peers to do the same.

You are responsible to look after, and take care of your tablets, equipment and other  


Be Supportive:

Do what you can to make everyone feel happy and accepted in your class. Always be willing to widen your circle of friends to ensure that no one is left out.

With the permission of your teacher, help those who may be struggling.


A learner behaves in a disrespectful manner if he/she:

·        Does not greet educators and does not address them as Ma'am or Sir.

·        Uses bad language, cheeks, backchats or acts disrespectfully towards any staff member or fellow learner.

·        Lies to educators regarding incidents.

·        Behaves in a disruptive manner or, by word or action, displays insolence or insubordination i.e. makes any animal sounds or other unacceptable noises, like whistling.

·        Makes racist or sexual remarks or displays any vulgar behaviour i.e. urinating in public.


Once a learner is in school uniform, the learner is accountable to the school for his/her actions.

The school is responsible for the safety of learners when they are out of school but in its direct vicinity as a result of a school related activity although the parent/guardian takes ultimate responsibility for the learners’ safety once the learner leaves the school premises.

Behaviour on the school grounds or when the learner is in school uniform or representing the school or within a perimeter of 1 km. surrounding the school that can/will lead to criminal action being taken against learners include:

·        At any time being in possession of, distributing or bringing any form of pornography on to school property;

·        Bullying, intimidating, victimising or in any way whatsoever behaving aggressively and threatening the physical and mental well being of any staff member or fellow learner on and off the school grounds;

·        Bringing to the school, being in the possession of, or offering weapons or any other instrument that may endanger the safety of staff members and fellow learners;

·        Consuming, distributing or bringing drugs or alcohol on to school property or to any school-related function;

·        Being in possession of cigarettes on school property;

·        Smoking in school uniform on the school grounds or within a range of 1 km from the school;

·        Being involved in sexual harassment;

·        Committing any offence mentioned on the de-merit form.

·        Any action or non action that is prohibited by any of the laws of the country, be it common or statutory law.

Precautionary Suspensions

A precautionary suspension may be issued for the following instances:

·       The continued presence of a learner may incite fights or violence.

·       When the safety of a learner/s is /was threatened.

·       If there is a reasonable suspicion that criminal behaviour will continue.

·       At the discretion of the Principal of SPHS.

A learner committing any of the above will be liable to appear before the school disciplinary committee and may be subject to the due process of the courts.


The school may offer psychological assistance, counselling or assessment to any learner who is in need of such intervention.  Although the school will notify and/or involve parents in the process if necessary, parents/guardians give consent to such intervention by signing this Code of Conduct.